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Busy Kids Can Equal Success

We’ve all heard it… “Don’t overbook your children.” Studies urge parents to make sure their children are not scheduled out every minute of the day. The fear is that children (teens) involved in too many after-school activities will lose focus on their education. While this may be true, extracurricular activities have a host of benefits. Not only can an extracurricular activity improve your child’s self-confidence, but it can also help him get into the college he’s eyeing, among other things.

If your child enjoys playing an instrument or a sport, allowing him that experience will build confidence and teach discipline. As he practices, he will improve. And success in something of interest to him will boost his confidence.

Everyone wants to know what to expect in the future. A scheduled activity, and practice time if necessary, will help. Knowing that basketball practice is Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and that games are Friday evenings gives your child something to look forward to. It can also focus his studies, because he must now dedicate his days off of practice to finishing that long-term homework assignment.

Extra-curricular activities also look good on college applications and scholarship paperwork. Colleges want to know that their future students are well-rounded and can participate in a variety of activities. They are looking for future leaders and individuals that can lead activities on campus. Showing that he participated in his middle or high school student government or led the debate team will earn him bonus points when competing for a scholarship as well.

For those students that have trouble managing multiple tasks like a sport and school, using the extracurricular activity as a reward for school success can work wonders. Just listen to your child and his teachers to ensure that schoolwork is in check. School should, after all, be his first priority.

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